January 9, 2016
I work as a pet groomer at Vickie’s Pampered Pet and we all love this product. One of our clients told us about it and we had to have it. It has helped heal my dogs hotspots (she has allergies to grass) and ear infections. We do use it in our shop and have heard from the clients that they noticed a huge difference and it has helped heal skin issues on their dogs. We recommend this product.

– Lauren S., Ventura, CA

October 3, 2015
I took my fur baby to the groomers (The Dapper Dog, Oxnard, Ca) and they notice Bailey had an ear infection and a hot spot and recommended I buy Cure-A-Pet® Spray. I was hesitant because Bay has chronic ear infections, but I bought it. I SWEAR, 2 days later the ear infection was completely gone, and within5 days the hot spot that was the size of a half dollar, red and an bleeding was scanned over and by the 8th day it was completely healed! I love this stuff!! Saved me a huge vet bill! Thank you Cure-A-Pet® for making something that ACTUALLY works!

-Tammi S., Ventura, CA

September 29, 2015
Our 9 month old pitbull had an ear infection for a several weeks and after we purchased Cure-A-Pet® and started spraying inside her ears about 3 times a day, within less than a week her infection cleared up.

-Yami T., Altamonte Springs, FL

August 17, 2015
I not only have used Cure-A-Pet® on a bite wound on my Conure’s (small parrot). I have given it to friends to use also. One friend’s Yorkie has hair loss from the heat and Cure-A-Pet® cleared it right away. Another friend’s dog had a severe wound in his leg where there is no meat. The vet was having trouble clearing it up. The Cure-A-Pet® had more results then the Vet! Also my husband had a open crack on the bottom of his foot and he used the product on it and it worked for him also!

– Lynn C., Edgewater, Florida

July 9, 2015
My cat had a reaction to an injection resulting in an abcess. Two days of application of Cure-A-Pet and his sore was completely healed. By the way, smashed my nose at the same time and had a massive scab. Used Cure-A-Pet and 3 days later I had not scabs.

– Kate, New Smyrna Beach, FL

April 10, 2015
My 12 year old Lab had two cysts on her back and after treating with Cure-A-Pet® one week the cysts have almost vanished!

– Bobbie T., New Smyrna Beach, FL

February 22, 2015
The Florida heat brings out those terrible summer sores on my horses occassionally and Cure-A-Pet® is the best thing I have found on the market. It reduces the inflamation and the sores heal much faster. Thank You Cure-A-Pet®!

– Wanda K., Lake Mary, FL

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